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Psychology in Gambling

Why do people start to play casino games? What makes them so attractive? Some sources state that it is all about money, and in some cases it is true. But are there players who go to casino to win money only? There are some points that are not so obvious and they are connected with players’ psychology.

Talking about gamblers’ psychology we need to mention first the fact that gambling is one of the most ancient forms of entertainments. People started to gamble long ago the first gambling rooms appeared, but now it has reached its popularity. Casinos, gambling rooms, bookmakers became a part of our lives. We bet with our friends and relatives, and it is quite normal process for everyone, but not all of us go at casinos to play for money. So why do some players prefer gambling house to common in-life gambling?

Why Do People Gamble? Answer of Psychologist

One of the popular psychologists who work in the field of Experimental Psychology has made a field research among the players registered in - best canada casinos online. Of course, all the respondents were the players of online casinos, still the psychological mechanism of producing reaction to gambling in the players’ brains is pretty similar for lamd-based and online casino houses. According to Dr. Luke Clark, many casino players are attracted with an ‘illusion of control’ – they think that playing gambling games they keep the situation under their personal control and nothing can interfere and change the result they expect. Most of gamblers know that losses is just a part of gambling, and they are sure that these losses lead them even to bigger wins.

Researches of Dr. Clark have proved the fact that winning of real money stimulates our brain differently than winning with no rewards, or with no-monetary reward. One and the same part of our brain (striatum) is responsible for getting stimuli form food, sex, and money winnings. It means that psychological processes happening in your brain when you eat, have sex, or win casino games are absolutely identical. Moreover, consuming of drugs, especially stimulants of nervous system, has the same effect upon your brain. It means that players return to gambling to get the same stimulus, and feel happier.

Addiction and Gambling

As you know, there are people who have are addicted to food, and they usually suffer from obesity and cannot stop eating, though all people eat and receive the same stimulus into their brain; there are people who cannot control their sexual life because of the same stimulus they receive having sex only; most of the people who consume drug become addicted to them again because of this stimulus. The same happens with gambling. The more players win – the more stimuli their brains receive, and the better they feel.

As you see, gambling has a strong connection with psychology and physiology. As people are treated from overeating and drug addiction, they can be treated from gambling. Of course, not all players have problems with gambling, as well as not of addicted players need to ask for a help from doctors, as they can defeat their problem by themselves.

So next time you go to casino just think whether you go there just to have fun playing games, or you need to do that because now you cannot feel yourself happy without those money winnings.

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