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Auto-play Feature in Online Slots

Auto-play Feature in Online Slots

Auto-play feature of slot machines is currently available almost in all online casinos. Usually players don`t change betting options and the game is played repetitively. You may easily put your game on auto-play and enjoy really easy gaming.

Auto-play Feature Peculiarities

The auto-play feature in slots enables slots players to set a certain numbers of spins along with a set of proper conditions which will trigger the game session to stop spinning automatically. The auto-stop will be able to stop the game on the predetermined condition. The predetermined conditions may be the following: increase/decrease of your account balance or trigger of the bonus round when you play video slot machines or hit some jackpot.

Some internet casinos provide players with a 2-level auto-play feature. What does it mean? In the easy level a player just sets the auto-spins` number/number of paylines/coin denomination and runs these auto-spins through. In the advanced level a player indicates certain conditions for the auto-play in order to automatically stop. Some casinos enable their slots players with a possibility to specify the seconds` number between the spins ranging from 0.25 sec. to 2.00 seconds. This is a very convenient option for players and is highly appreciated by them. But some online slots casinos don`t allow players to indicate the time between spins, so you are to be very attentive in order to avoid some potential inconveniences.

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