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Electronic Slots

Pre-Electronic Slot Machines

As you already know the 1st slot machine (Liberty Bell) was invented by Charles Fey. That was the start for new models appearance. The first generation of slot machines was called New Nickel Machines.

Electronic Slots Invention

Thanks to the anti-gambling movements that were seen in the US society generated by the government, the companies which were producing slot machines began to suffer from various prohibitions. As a result, slots started to lose their popularity. But slots producers had no desire to stop their slots production, so they had to invent smth brand new in order to have some place in the gambling market industry. In respect of their refusing to give up, the slots were given a second birth.

Age of Electronic Slot Machines

The electronic era of slot machines started in 1960s. It was a crucial moment of the slot machines` development. The standard mechanical slot machines had a lot of limitations and the electronic version of slots appeared. The new slots offered more options from the standpoint of the operator. The main thing was that operators were able to give bigger prize rewards. These machines enticed a lot of players and started to become more and more popular.

The most popular slot machine was Twenty-One that was invented in 1964 by Nevada Electronics. There was a revolutionary new thing in the history of slot machines as the new machines had special chairs for two-four players. And it became pretty difficult to cheat at these electronic slots in comparison with the mechanical. Electronic slot machines had microprocessors and some other electric devices. One more positive thing about the new slots was their small size and low weight.

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