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Strategy behind Biased Roulette Wheel

Playing roulette has always been intriguing, as no one could know for sure which of the number will be winning. Even today this remains to be unsolved problem of all the players, who still struggle to find the way which could help them to win the game all the time. But even with modern technologies that cannot be reached.

Unpredictable results have always been a symbol of roulette. Players, who enjoy roulette at modern online casinos, feel the same as players, who played these game 200 years ago. Of course these days you are also welcome to try free bets no deposit William Hill casino, but essentially the game hasn’t changed. Since the roulette game appeared, people tried to find a method of sure win. And we must admit, some of them have got great results, though no one revealed the mystery of roulette completely. In fact, most of the ways to predict the winning number, or at least set of numbers, are connected with cheating. And the most working way is absolutely dependent on the disrepairs of the table itself. This method is called biased wheel.

The Conception of Biased Wheel

Biased wheel on roulette today is a technique used to beat the odds of the wheel. And it works by offensively physical imperfections of the wheel itself, which causes the slight incline of the wheel due to which ball drops at the set of numbers all the time. It is just impossible for someone to make a perfect type of physical machine and since the wheel of the roulette is made up of wood, metal and others, it will wear off overtime. Since the wheel is human made, imperfections in running it is not impossible. Besides, sometimes players (and even casino staff) make the wheel biased by themselves. Fortunately, in online casinos this situation in completely impossible, though some would prefer to find biased wheel at online casino as well.

The Biased Wheel Outbreaks

Joseph Jagger is the person who was the first to find out the imperfections of the wheel and use that into his favor. His team composed of clerks spied over roulette tables in different parts of Monte Carlo and they were able to develop the biased wheel technique observing roulette wheels at different casinos and noting the winning numbers there. Do you know that this method has given Jagger more than three hundred twenty five thousand dollars’ worth in a roulette game? Today this sum of money seems to be too small, but imagine, that if Jagger lived today, he would won $30,000,000? Do THIS sound impressive?

Legality of the Methods

Wheel biased method of playing roulette is not illegal but casinos will use their rights to turn all the money if they notice that the wheel is biased. They may also switch wheels or alter the wheel just to make sure you will not be able to use this technique at the particular machine anymore. Of course, if you notice that the when is biased you should make use of that, but do not tell dealer, or other players at the table about that, as they can tell your secret and you leave casino with empty pockets.

Slots Tips

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