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10 Useful Tips for Advanced Players

Online poker is getting tougher day by day as more and more people flock to the game, due to its rising popularity. This happens for a number of reasons, such as the press, the increased presence of online gaming, and how it is portrayed by the entertainment industry. Let’s take a look at some ways an advanced player can move one step closer to rising above the newbies and joining the elite of the game.

Stay Sober

In spite of the argument that you might be able to play better after a couple of beers, (when it gets at the edge of your nerves and you get more aggressive), drinking alcohol will mostly lead to bad judgment, which may result in making wrong decisions and actually losing money. Remember, if you want to down a few it’s better to go to the pub and if you want to earn some money you play poker.

Stand Tall

A few important things could be achieved making a raise, rather than limping. You can also earn more money in the pot so that you can get value with a premium hand.

Separate the Good from the Bad

Much of your profit gained in poker online or live could come from targeting the weak players after the hand is dealt and then play solely against that opponent.

Be Honest

Bluffs actually work in certain cases and against certain people. It's always better not to bluff than to bluff "just to bluff."

Stay Aware

Always be alert and stay in the game. Know when you are in the blinds and post them before the cards are dealt.

Get Out When You Can

Don’t just stay in a hand, just because you are already in it. This is a very common mistake and if you have no chance of winning bow out.

Watch the Cards

This means not just to your own cards, but to your opponents’.

Be a Lookout

Pay attention to what other players are doing. As you play keep observing your opponents, even when you're not in a hand.

Have a Budget

Avoid playing at stakes which make you think about the actual money in terms of day-to-day life or with money you can't afford to lose.

Stay in the Right Pool

Pick the right game for your skill level and bankroll. Remember that just one big night's win won't last long at a high-stakes game.

Slots Tips

  • Always play maximum number of coins to win progressive jackpot!
  • Manage your bankroll and stick to betting limits!
  • Play slots for real money only at trusted online casino halls!

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