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Why Slots Are Known as One-Armed Bandits

Originally, casinos introduced slot machines to act as diversion for the casual gamers. However, unlike the traditional table games like craps and blackjacks, playing slot machine doesn’t require the gamer to have any gambling skills and with just a small bet, you can get into the game and win really big sum of money. Informally, a slot machine goes by other names such as fruit machine, pokies, poker machines or simply the slot. This casino gambling machine comes with 3 or more reels that spin after pushing a button. Slot machines are alternatively referred to as the one armed bandits for reasons explained below.

Machine Lever – Arm of a Bandit

Originally, slot machines were operated using a lever which was placed on the machine’s side or (the lever was known as the arm) rather than a button at the front panel. The word bandits resulted from the fact that slot machines were able to leave gamers penniless, just as bandits do. Many modern slot machines have still managed to retain the legacy of a lever even though they feature a button on the panel. The slot machine includes a currency detector which validates the money or coin the player inserts. The payout is based on the pattern of symbols as they are viewed at the machine after it stops. Recent computer technology advancements have resulted in numerous variations of the original concept of slot machines.

The classic mechanical slot machine designs have presently been replaced completely by the computer controlled machines. However, even though you no longer have to deal with the one lever, the concept of the game hasn’t changed at all. When playing slots or the one armed bandits if you like the gamer pulls the handle and rotates the three reels which have printed pictures on them. Losing or winning is determined by the pictures lined up on the pay like. If every reel on the machines displays a similar winning picture on the pay lines, the player is deemed to have won the game. Sometimes you can also win when some single images are displayed. The payout or amount won normally depends on the specific pictures present on the payline.

Classic slot machine designs work on elaborate configuration of levers and gears. The reels are supported by a metal shaft that acts as the central element in the slots. The shaft is mechanically connected to a classic handle mechanism which keeps things moving in the machine. The spinning reel is brought to a stop by a braking system and there are special sensors which communicate positioning of reels on the payout system. Initially, an in built coin detector registers the insertion of a coin which unlocks the brake thereby making the machine’s handle to move. These elements can be arranged in many other ways and over the years, manufacturers have invented dozens of approaches. As you can see, the reason why slot machines are known as one based bandits is all based on the specific features of the machine and the fact that it can leave you penniless if you are not careful.

Slots Tips

  • Always play maximum number of coins to win progressive jackpot!
  • Manage your bankroll and stick to betting limits!
  • Play slots for real money only at trusted online casino halls!

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