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Slot Machines in Different Countries

Slot machines can vary from one country to another. However, with the differences being relatively insignificant, slots are the most favorite gambling games in most countries all over the world. Nevertheless, knowing about regional slot variations makes you a smart slot player. The most popular slot variations are USA slots, UK slots, Australian slots and Japanese slots among others. These slot variations have gained increased popularity in modern gambling world.

How Slot Machines Emerged All Over the World

To start with, USA slot machines are regarded as the original slot machines which were later spread to other countries many years ago. These machines led to the popularity of slots across borders which led to emergence of pokies in Australia and pachinko games in Japan. Presently, pokies games have become a critical aspect of Australian gambling lifestyle. Besides, alongside USA slot machines, the popularity of UK slots was achieved in the form of fruit machines which have been popular at all times and are still famous even today. Speaking about slot machines in Asia, slots are popular just as they are in Japan where you will find unique slot machines such as pashisuro and pachinko alongside other slot variations.

Charles Fey and Slots

Charles Fey invented the original American slot machines in San Francisco. Actually, US boast of being the motherland for slot machines and the gambling community recognizes Charles Fey as the father of slots. Today the government controls slots in America and it have been officially forbidden apart from some states such as Atlantic City and Las Vegas for example. US slot machines are categorized based on legislation of slot machine classes.


In Australia, slot machines were first introduced under the name of Clubman. Years later, the slots were renamed to Club Master. But since the slots were first invented in USA, Australian slots are modern styles/ versions of the original American slots. The Australian slot machines usually use video displays as a way of stimulating physical reels, normally five. These slot machines have extra bonuses and additional screen features like bonus levels and free games.

Slots in UK

In UK, slot machine gambling was subdued in the 2005 Gambling act. In United Kingdom, slot machines are commonly referred to as fruit machines. Great Britain has always identified itself with fruit machines and slots are mostly found in crowded places such as clubs and pubs. British slots were called fruits as UK found it important that they associate slot machines with some skills. As such, UK slots became branded as the ‘fruit’ machines largely due to depiction of fruits on the slot reels.

Slot Machines in Asia

Japanese slots are famously known as pachisuro or pachinko. These slot machines are significant in Japan and differ from slot variations in other countries as games in the slots are a mixture of pin ball and the slots. Generally, Japanese slot machines are easily recognized as they are colorful and bright with extraordinary visual and sound effects. In New Zealand, slot machines are commonly known as pokies and were introduced in the country in 1991. A recent study associated slot machines prevalence with increased crime levels.

Slots Tips

  • Always play maximum number of coins to win progressive jackpot!
  • Manage your bankroll and stick to betting limits!
  • Play slots for real money only at trusted online casino halls!

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