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Slots Jokes

Girl at the Slots

funThe girl was standing near the soda machine in one of the local stores. She was putting in the machine 60 cents and suddenly got a can of beer .The girl put the beer on the floor, put 60 cents more and pressed another button, unexpectedly appeared one more can of coke.

The blonde continued to do that, but suddenly one man, who was waiting to use the machine, interrupted her.

"Excuse me, may I get a soda and then you will be able to continue your movements?"

The girl turned around and said," I am going to fight to the end while I am still winning"

Trip to Las Vegas

Once upon a time, three friends decided to go to Las Vegas with their wives. After one week they come back home. On the next day, the boys gathered together. The first man said" You know guys; I will never come back to Las Vegas. During the whole night my wife was talking "7 come 11" that is why I couldn't fall asleep!"

The second boy said, "I understand what you mean, my wife was playing blackjack all the time when we were in Las Vegas. But when we returned, she began hollering in the night" Hit me hard or Hit me light" that is why I couldn't fall asleep too!"

The third boy said," Guys, you don't have problems, but I have. My wife was playing online slots during the whole our vacation and now, when we came back home the situation is the same. Every morning I wake up with the pain in my head and my abdomen is full of quarters!"

Slots Tips

  • Always play maximum number of coins to win progressive jackpot!
  • Manage your bankroll and stick to betting limits!
  • Play slots for real money only at trusted online casino halls!

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