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Cleopatra Theme in Popular Slot Machines

Many companies that develop online casino software have brought Ancient Egypt’s Goddess, Cleopatra, back to life. These companies offer their unique versions of Cleopatra themed slot machines. In Egypt, the character of Cleopatra is believed to immortal in some way. She was the last Queen of Egypt and not only popularly known for her intelligence and great beauty but also on the way she used to liaise with Mark Anthony and Julius Caesar. Today, Cleopatra is considered to be a significant symbol in media, literature, and history and interestingly enough; she is a popular symbol in online slots as well. Below is a highlight of the most popular Cleopatra themed slot machines.

Cleopatra Games

One of the best known Cleopatra slot game is Cleopatra’ Gold. The reason why this slot machine is believed to be the most liked Cleopatra theme slot game is because of its ever increasing random jackpot. As long as you play the game, there is always a probability that you will hit the jackpot regardless of the number of stakes you play for. As such, it is very popular among penny players who are not ready to risk high stakes. The next in popularity among Cleopatra themed slot machines is Cleopatra’s Coins. Developed by Rival, Cleopatra’s Coins is a video game with 15 paylines and 5 reels. Gamblers are allowed to play a maximum of 5 coins per every line and per spin. The coin levels allow you to play the game like penny slots and you are awarded 10 free spins if more than 3 scatters are displayed. The free spins offered tend to re-trigger extra excitement.

Cleopatra Mega Jackpot is another very popular Cleopatra theme slot game which gives players a chance of winning huge jackpots. This 20 liner slot machine is only available in the wager work powered casinos. Cleopatra Slots have brought original land based slot games with Cleopatra theme back to life all thanks to the Wagerworks. However, this twenty pay line slot machine currently doesn’t allow US players. The slot machine also features plenty of free spins and bonus game as well as many re-triggers.

Another very popular Cleopatra theme slot machine is Mk II Cleopatra themed Slot Game. The game is actually the newly released variant of the well known Cleopatra slot. Most players prefer to play this slot game as it features additional free spins than its counterparts. In addition, players get to listen to Cleopatra’s voice as they play it. With this slot, the players also stand an opportunity of boosting their winnings to a maximum of 50 times of the normal value when playing a bonus game. The last Cleopatra themed slot machine is Cleopatra’s Pyramid. Developed by the Vegas Technology, this slot is one of the most popular among the many slot games based on Cleopatra theme. This video slot comes is superbly designed and packed with action. Besides, the game has a jackpot which players can triple if they win during the regular free spins triggering game and pocket more cash.

Slots Tips

  • Always play maximum number of coins to win progressive jackpot!
  • Manage your bankroll and stick to betting limits!
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